11-year-old Japanese girl dies after receiving COVID-19 vaccine

11-year-old Japanese girl dies after receiving COVID-19 vaccine

TOKYO - An 11-year-old girl with severe pre-existing conditions died after receiving coronavirus vaccine shots in April, Japan's health ministry reported on May 13.

The ministry of health, labor and welfare made a report during an expert subcommittee meeting to evaluate vaccine safety.

According to the ministry, a medical institution attributed the cause of the girl's death to suspected respiratory failure, heart muscle inflammation and cardiac arrest. It was not possible to evaluate the exact cause of death and its causal relationship with the COVID 19 vaccine because of a lack of concrete test results.

The expert panel concluded that serious concerns that could affect the vaccine system can't be recognized. The 11-year-old received her first coronavirus vaccine on April 7 and the second shot on April 28 according to the health ministry. After the first shot, she showed no side effects, but her condition began to deteriorate the day after the second shot. She died on April 30.

The girl had been on an artificial respirator since birth and had serious chronic diseases, including brain paralysis. She had been hospitalized since 2014.