$190 million crypto heist reported from US firm Nomad

$190 million crypto heist reported from US firm Nomad

The latest heist to hit the digital asset sector this year has been Nomad, according to a $190 million theft by the US firm.

Nomad said in a tweet that it was aware of the incident and is currently investigating, without giving any further details or the value of the theft.

PeckShield, a crypto analytics company, told Reuters that $190 million worth of users' criptocurrencies were stolen, including ether and the stable coinUSDC. The figure was put at over $150 million, according to other researchers.

San Francisco-based Nomad did not respond immediately to a request for comment.

The heist targeted the Nomad's bridge - a tool that allows users to transfer token betweenBlockchains.

The thefts that plagued the sector have been caused by the use ofBlockchain bridges. In the past 2022, over $1 billion has been stolen from bridges, according to London-based analytics firm Elliptic.

In June, Harmony, the U.S. company, said that thieves stole around $100 million worth of token from its Horizon bridge product.

In March, hackers stole around $615 million worth of virtual currency from Ronin Bridge, which was used to transfer cryptocurrencies into and out of the game Axie Infinity. Nomad described itself as a security-first business that would keep users' funds safe.