Former NBA star Jimmy Butler is selling coffee

Former NBA star Jimmy Butler is selling coffee

Jimmy Butler, a six-time All-Star NBA player for the Miami Heat, knows a thing or two about being the best and bringing a championship to South Florida is his central focus. Jimmy has developed a passion for coffee in the past few years.

Like millions of Americans, Butler started a side hustle to pass the time and make extra money during the epidemic. Butler began selling coffee to fellow players in the Disney-based COVID bubble. Jimmy took full advantage, charging $20 per cup, and hoping for more, because each player had $2,400 in cash per diem.

There s only two 20 s in every envelope and then every other bill is a $100 bill, so my plan was to give them some good coffee, they ll come back, they ll come with two 20 s the first two times and then the next time they ll have to pay me $100! Butler is cashing in and turning his hobby into a full-fledged brand, Big Face Coffee, because nobody paid $100 for a cup of coffee. An early partnership with Shopify SHOP helped get the company off the ground.

Butler said that they did a great job of helping me, a new entrepreneur, find out what to do, how to do it, and how to make it as seamless as possible. I'm super grateful for Spotify because I had no idea how difficult this whole venture is. Big Face is now selling coffee around the world and selling it directly to the consumer on its website.

Most days, Bulter drinks eight or more cups of coffee per day. Butler loves the caffeine buzz, but he hopes that the brand will bring people together to enjoy it. If you've got cold coffee or hot or iced or nitro brew, or you drink almond milk or oat milk, coconut or whole or skim, there is always a conversation that people call strangers, whenever you walk into a coffee shop. All of us have something in common. This coffee thing is real, and it's going to be in grocery stores, he said. I promise you, I'm going to have a lot of different cafes all over the world, not just in the States, all over the world. Butler has one simple but surprising expectation for his shops, and it has nothing to do with what he is brewing, he says.

I want everyone to be able to sit down in my cafes and not take pictures, and not be on social. Just sit down and have a nice conversation, meet someone new, talk about what you all have in common, he said.

Big Face sources coffee beans from farms in the world, including El Salvador, Honduras, Columbia and Ethiopia.

Butler wants to drink a cup of the $100 billion global coffee market, but the burgeoning barista is more focused on the spiritual benefits of his brand than the financial gains. Butler says his goal is to get everybody to understand that you got so much in common than you do, so you just have to sit down and talk it over a cup of coffee.