China's marine economy expanded further in 2021

China's marine economy expanded further in 2021

This aerial photo taken on July 14, 2020 shows a fish boat sailing in an abalone breeding area in Lianjiang county of East China's Fujian province. The PHOTO XINHUA BEIJING - China's marine economy recorded sound development in 2021, enlarging its scale and optimizing its structure, the National Marine Data and Information Service NMDIS said on Thursday.

The country's gross marine product exceeded 9 trillion yuan last year, up 8.3 percent year-on-year, according to a report released by the NMDIS.

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The per capita net income of the country's ocean fishermen and women in 2021 was 1.5 times more than the 2015 figure, the report said.

The added value of these industries has soared 100 percent in 2021 from the 2015 level, with a surge in the emerging marine industries in recent years.

The report also noted that China's ocean tourism market rebounded as demand for local leisure and short-distance trips to coastal areas grew rapidly in the consumer market.

In the year 2021, the ocean park area per 10,000 people increased by 0.7 hectares from 2015, giving people easier access to the sea.