COVID-19 deaths on the rise among those with boosters, analysis shows

COVID-19 deaths on the rise among those with boosters, analysis shows

In a shocker, around 58 per cent of Americans who had succumbed to coronaviruses in the month of August were either vaccinated or boosted. August was the time when the BA took place. The 5 variant reached its peak.

During this period, death rates among people aged 6 months and above were six times higher than the rate of those who received their primary shots. A recent analysis by the Vice President of the non-profit Kaiser Family Foundation KFF Cynthia Cox for The Washington Post's The Health 202 shows that unvaccinated people over five years were at a greater risk of dying from COVID 19 than those who received boosters.

As per this analysis, the gap between those who received additional boosters and those who were notvaccinated over 50 years of age is even more striking. It noted that people 50 and up had 12 times the risk of dying from COVID- 19 than adults of the same age with two or more booster doses. This was about 35 per cent higher than the COVID 19 fatalities reported in September last year. As of September 2021, the vaccinated population made up 23 per cent of the COVID 19 deaths in the US, while this number went up to 42 per cent in January and February this year.

According to Cox, the numbers make sense given that a large population of Americans has been inoculated with at least the primary doses of the vaccines.

Cox said that people belonging to high risk groups, such as the elderly, are more likely to be vaccinated. Why do COVID 19 deaths in America account for a majority of the inoculated population?

Cox said that vaccines tend to lose their potency over time as more vaccine resistant variants emerge. She stated that continuing booster shots are key to keeping the death count low and that being unvaccinated is not an option.

In July of this year, 5 became dominant and accounted for a majority of new COVID 19 deaths in the US. She stated, We can no longer say that this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated. This data came out after Dr Anthony Fauci urged Americans to go out in large numbers and get booster doses against COVID - 19. He said, The final message I give you from the podium is that please, for your own safety, and that of your family, get your updated COVID 19 shot as soon as you are eligible. Representative Hank Johnson asked Americans to not only get their updated COVID vaccine, but also to remind their relatives to do the same. Johnson tweeted, 2 days out until Thanksgiving! When you call your relatives to get that last minute recipe, remind them to get their updated COVID vaccine.