Black Friday workers at Amazon sites across globe

Black Friday workers at Amazon sites across globe

Amazon logo at the company logistics center in Lauwin-Planque.

BERLIN Reuters workers at Amazon sites across the globe, including the United States, Germany and France, were expected to go on strike on Black Friday, targeting the online retailer on one of the busiest shopping days of the year, with calls for better pay.

Germany's Verdi union said work stops were planned for 10 fulfilment centres in the country.

It demanded that the company recognises collective bargaining agreements for the retail and mail order trade sector and called for a more collective agreement on good and healthy work.

A spokesman for Amazon in Germany wouldn't say anything about the demands when contacted by Reuters.

This is the first time that Amazon has had an international strike, said Monika Di Silvestre, Verdi's representative for Amazon workers.

She said that this is very important because a major global corporation like Amazon can't be confronted locally, regionally or nationally.