Poland reports 120,000 cases of flu, flu-like illnesses

Poland reports 120,000 cases of flu, flu-like illnesses

The country s health minister said there are now 120,000 cases of flu and flu-like illnesses per week in Poland.

In the period from November 1 -- 22 there were over 330,000 cases of flu related illnesses reported in Poland, according to the most recent epidemiological reports. There were more than 1,300 referrals to hospitals during that time.

Adam Niedzielski said we are approaching 120,000 cases and have suspected cases of the flu per week. More than 55 percent of the cases concern children under the age of 14. He said that between November 16 and November 22 510 people were hospitalized due to the flu.

Niedzielski stressed that there was an ample supply of vaccines, so let's get vaccinated against the flu.

The flu season in Poland lasts from October to May and vaccines are recommended and administered throughout the autumn and winter seasons.