Germany eases visa rules for Indian tourists

Germany eases visa rules for Indian tourists

Germany has relaxed rules for Indian tourists who want to apply for a visa, as well as centralising visa processing at its centre in Mumbai.

Appointments can be booked as well as Schengen visa applications can be submitted to all Visa Application Centres in the country run by VFS global, regardless of the applicant's place of residence, reports Economic Times quoting the German Missions in India.

Appointments can be booked and Schengen visa applications can be submitted to all Visa Application Centres in India, regardless of your place of residence, according to the German Missions in India. The applicants can check other Indian major cities for available appointment slots if an application centre is close to the hometown of applicants is fully booked, according to the report. It is likely that this will make it easier for everyone to book an appointment.

If the Application Centre nearest to your hometown is already full booked, feel free to check for available appointment slots in one of the other major Indian cities. However, the report stressed that the relaxation of rules doesn't apply to Indian nationals applying for German national visas D-visa category, such as employment, student or family reunification visas.

As of now, all Indians need to get a visa to be allowed entry into Germany for travel purposes as the country hasn't reached a visa-liberalization agreement or any other bilateral agreement that would allow them to enter Germany visa-free.

A Schengen visa permits holders to travel for tourism and business purposes to any member state of the Schengen area for stays of up to 90 days within 180 days.

The German Schengen visa costs 80 euros for adults and 40 euros around 3,400 for minors, while work permits or visas cost 75 euros more than 6,400. The visa fee is waived for children under six years of age.

Three months before a trip at the earliest, the application for a Schengen visa can be submitted. The applicants must submit all the required documents in order to submit the required documents.

Those who apply for a German student visa must submit a visa application form, which includes two recent photos, as well as a valid passport that must be valid for another three months beyond the planned stay in the Schengen area.

Besides the documents mentioned above, applicants must also submit evidence of purchasing health insurance, roundtrip itinerary reservation, proof of financial means, proof of accommodation and an invitation letter in their application. In addition to the employment status, applicants may be asked for additional documents.

In 2022, the German National Tourist Office had reported a 214 per cent increase in Indian tourists arriving in Germany. It has been revealed that 55 per cent of Indians visit the country for leisure and 38 per cent for business purposes.