Christmas market traders relieved to have been relocated

Christmas market traders relieved to have been relocated

On Monday, the castle closed, which meant the cancellation of the market that had been due to take place there.

Christmas market traders affected by the sudden closure of Nottingham Castle have said they are relieved that the event has been moved.

The trust that runs the attraction was closed on Monday and a market due to take place at the weekend was cancelled.

Traders said they feared they would lose thousands of pounds because of the cancellation.

Nottingham BID said it had worked with partners to offer the 23 traders who had been due to attend the market a new location on Sneinton Market Avenues.

Dr Rose Deakin, founder of The Crop Club, said he was blown away by how quickly the community rallied around to create an alternative.

Heidi Hargreaves, co-owner of Dukki, said cancelling the market would have been a huge blow financially. The strength and resilience of all the small businesses is the only good thing to come from this, she said.

When there is a crisis we pull together and form a community of like-minded individuals, even though we mostly work alone in our day-to-day lives. Julie Jackson, owner of Sustainable Bags and Fashion, said she felt lucky that Sneinton Market Avenues had offered to host the event at short notice.

The 49-year-old said it was a lovely gesture to do for us all. This has helped us out because we rely on trading at these events and it's tough being a small business in the current climate. On hearing about Nottingham Castle, Alex Flint, CEO of Nottingham BID, said decisions needed to be made to allow the diverse range of local food retailers and makers to continue to trade.