Elon Musk says he'd consider alternative phone if Twitter is removed

Elon Musk says he'd consider alternative phone if Twitter is removed

Elon Musk said he'd consider making an alternative phone in the event that Twitter is removed from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

On Friday night, Musk made comments in response to conservative commentator Liz Wheeler, who tweeted: If Apple does not remove Twitter from its app stores, elonmusk should produce his own phone. Half of the country would ditch the biased, snooping iPhone Android. A silly little smartphone should be simple to use, because the man builds rockets to Mars. I certainly hope it does not come to that, but if there is no other choice, I will make an alternative phone, according to Musk. Musk said that after Phil Schiller, an Apple fellow who was responsible for running the App Store, he deleted his Twitter account.

Failure to adhere to Apple's guidelines and Google's guidelines would be catastrophic, risking Twitter s expulsion from their app stores and making it harder for billions of potential users to get Twitter's services. The power of Apple and Google is now huge, according to Roth, which gives Apple and Google enormous power to make the decisions that Twitter makes.

As he left Twitter, the calls from the app review teams had already begun. Musk asked Twitter users if they should be allowed to offer a general amnesty to suspended accounts if they have not broken the law or engaged in egregious spam? 72% of the respondents voted yes, and Musk said Amnesty begins next week.