Bosnian President congratulates all people on Statehood Day

Bosnian President congratulates all people on Statehood Day

The member of the BiH Presidency, Denis Beirovi congratulates all the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina and all the peoples of Bosnia and Herzegovina on the legal state holiday Statehood Day of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Every citizen of this country and every nation can be proud of November 25, Beirovi said after laying flowers on the Kova i Cemetery on the occasion of BiH Statehood Day.

He said that the BiH Statehood Day is on November 25 and sends clear messages of peace, tolerance and togetherness.

He pointed out that these messages are more important to us today in BiH than ever.

In 1943, he said that Bosnian anti-fascists found a point of synthesis and all-Bosnian gathering at the first session of ZAVNOBiH.

It is necessary to find common denominators and point of synthesis in the 21st century. BiH's place is in European and Euro-Atlantic integrations, and let the positive events of the past be an incentive to build security, peace and human rights for every person in our country, said Beirovi, a representative for BiH in European and Euro-Atlantic integrations.