Divers mark Statehood Day of BiH with flag at Una River

Divers mark Statehood Day of BiH with flag at Una River

Extreme sports club Spectrum Bihac decided to mark the 25th November, the Statehood Day of Bosnia and Herzegovina BiH in a unique way.

A group of divers working as part of the Extreme Sports Club Spectrum placed the flag of BiH at the bottom of the Una River, the beauty among rivers.

The video with the flag on the river bottom has attracted a lot of attention on social media, which has already attracted a lot of attention from many citizens.

BiH celebrated Statehood Day yesterday, the date when the first Session of the State Anti-fascist Council for the National Liberation of BiH ZAVNOBiH was held in Mrkonjic Grad 79 years ago, when decisions on the restoration of BiH's statehood were made.

Original documents such as the Resolution from the First Session of ZAVNOBiH held on November 25th, 1943 in Mrkonjic Grad, by which Serbs, Croats and Muslims decided to restore the statehood of BiH, and the Declaration on the Rights of Citizens from the Second Session of ZAVNOBiH on June 1st, 1944 in Sanski Most are in the depot of the Archives of BiH, are part of an extremely important document that talks about the historical decisions made in