Singapore’s Deputy PM says focus on more holistic learning

Singapore’s Deputy PM says focus on more holistic learning

The government is looking at ways to give Singaporeans more opportunities to stay relevant throughout their careers, according to Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong.

At a youth forum organised by CNA, excerpts of which are being broadcast on a video said that creating a culture of lifelong learning can be done at different stages of life, including in schools and workplace.

Mr Wong said the Government is trying to shift the emphasis away from rigorous exams to more holistic learning, despite concerns from participants about the competitive environment in schools.

He said if the focus is on exams then there is very little time for anything else because your priorities and energy are on the exam results and I think a little bit too much attention has been placed on that.

He said that the emphasis is shifting towards more holistic learning and giving people more time and more space to explore other things outside of the school curriculum.

We can do that in our school system, but it requires a mindset change for parents as well as students themselves.