Former Twitter CEO Bill George says he's worried about Tesla

Former Twitter CEO Bill George says he's worried about Tesla

Elon Musk will need more trusted recruits if he wants to reinvent Twitter, according to a former top CEO.

Bill George, the former Medtronic CEO turned leadership expert, said on Yahoo Finance Live that he's not starting something new. Millions of people are posting every minute on that site. I think he has a tiger by the tail. He's a brilliant guy, but I think he's going to need help. I would like to see him bring in a CEO because I'm worried about Tesla too. Since Musk took over control of the platform earlier this month, Twitter has been in a state of chaos.

Musk started a few weeks ago with layoffs of half of the 7,500-strong workforce as he tries to reposition the social media platform for profitable growth after a $44 billion acquisition.

According to reports, the most of the firing occurred in Twitter's marketing and communication, search, public policy, and wellness departments.

The ultimatum was met with a revolt among Twitter's remaining employees, which caused Musk to soften his stance.

Musk has laid off Twitter workers, including on the day before Thanksgiving. The layoffs have left Twitter's key departments at dangerously low levels, notably its regulatory department.

The stock of Tesla has crashed by 18% over the past month as the Twitter drama unfolded.

George warned that he has to get back and worry about Tesla. He has enormous potential, but I think he has to go and worry about that. He's spending all his time on Twitter, and I don't know if it's going to produce dividends. It could cost more on the other side. Follow Sozzi on Twitter and LinkedIn.