Ukraine's battle for Russia is complicated

Ukraine's battle for Russia is complicated

KHARKIV REGION: The motivation to keep fighting the Russians is simple for Viking, a Ukrainian soldier near the northeastern frontlines, as cold weather and artillery onslaughts bogs down both sides. The death of my friends is the hardest thing for me. I had motivation before, but anger, aggression and hatred reinforces it, says Viking, the nom de guerre of the 26-year-old tank gunner.

Despite the heavy losses of the Ukrainian military over nine months of fighting since the Russian invasion in February, Viking and others in his tank platoon remain confident that they will win the war.

He laughs that we plan to push the Russians to the borders.

His platoon took part in the September breakthrough offensive that defeated the Russians northeastern flank, sending their troops in a desperate flight east over the Oskil River in Ukraine's Kharkiv region.