Poland says it is spending 7 percent of GDP on healthcare

Poland says it is spending 7 percent of GDP on healthcare

Poland's health minister said on Sunday that the country is systematically spending 7 percent of its GDP on healthcare.

An extra PLN 43 billion EUR 9.15 billion had been added to government plans, according to Adam Niedzielski.

The growth in expenditures on healthcare was greater than anticipated, according to the health minister on Twitter.

Niedzielski wrote that we are heading in the direction of 7 percent of GDP on health. The pace has been faster in the last few years. An extra PLN 43 billion has been added to the plans being executed. The United Right believes that health is a priority. Niedzielski attached a table to the tweet showing the growth in healthcare expenditures in recent years. The expenditures went from PLN 77.2 billion EUR 176.43 billion in 2015 to PLN 159.6 billion EUR 33.97 billion in 2023.

An amendment passed by the parliament in August 2021 to the act on healthcare financed from public funds allows for spending to grow to 7 percent of GDP by the year 2027.

The level of spending on healthcare is expected to reach over 6 percent of GDP next year, according to financial plans included in the state budget.