England’s World Cup is a game of fantasy football

England’s World Cup is a game of fantasy football

Bogdan Kotarlic: This World Cup may lacks in quality of the football and the number of goals scored, but it is very exciting and full of surprises. From a fan point of view, I think it can be described as interesting. Do you agree? There was some debate on social media about whether the USA-England game was The Most Compelling 90 Minutes in the History of Association Football or a Complete Waste of Time by Two Teams Content With a Draw. The dazzling highlights haven't been there, aside from England's demolition of Iran and the Brazilian goals, but it is undoubtedly dramatic. Better than seeing all the favorites score 1 -- 0 or 2 -- 0 wins against overmatched underdogs desperately parking the bus.

Philip Podolsky asks something: Analytical or Continental, perhaps in reference to my philosophy degree? A lot of Greek stuff, plus a philosophy of music class interesting and a philosophy of law class that convinced me not to go to law school. In retrospect, a big mistake, but then I wouldn't be here with you today, would I? I had never met my wife. Unnamed writer: I predict a 3 -- 0 win against Croatia. Canada will try to attack, but Croatia will gradually take the game away from them. Which team does more, I don't know.

Bear in mind Belgium proved that a bunch of over 30 players will struggle against Canada's enthusiastic pressure.

Val Reed of Winnipeg says I'm doing well. I am nursing the effects of 15 hours in a curling club yesterday, six of them on the ice.