India needs tough birth control law, says Minister

India needs tough birth control law, says Minister

The country has limited resources, which is why the Union minister Giriraj Singh stressed on Sunday the need to implement a tough population control law in India. The minister said that the Population Control Bill should be implemented irrespective of their religion or the section of society they belong to, and defaulters should be revoked of their voting rights.

According to the news agency ANI, Singh said that population control bill is crucial and we have limited resources. China implemented 'one child policy', controlled population and achieved development. China has 10 children born a minute, India has 30 children born a minute, how can we compete with China. The bill should be implemented on everyone regardless of religion or sect and those who don't follow shouldn't get government benefits. The minister said that their voting rights should also be taken.

Singh has launched a month-long campaign Nai Chetna'', a movement started by Jan Andolan'' on Friday to mark International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women and Girls.

Singh said at the event that women often do not raise their voice against violence and are silent even after being a victim because they fear what people think about them.

Today, people discuss various issues in the world of television. The minister for rural development and panchayati raj said that it is unfortunate for India's polity that daughters' pain is assessed on the basis of their religion.

Some women speak up against gender-based violence, while others do not because people make political remarks about their sufferings based on the religion of these didis elder sisters, he said.

Singh called on women not to tolerate violence, and expressed his commitment to ending gender-based discrimination, and called for ending violence against women.

The government of Narendra Modi is committed to empowerment of women just as much as it is dedicated to development. Under the Modi government, women have been included in the army as well, Singh said.

The minister also suggested that women should be provided with martial arts training for self-defence.