China's COVID-19 protests continue since early 2020

China's COVID-19 protests continue since early 2020

BEIJING: Discontent has brewed for months in China over the country's zero-COVID policy, with mass testing, localized lockdowns and travel restrictions pushing many across the country to the brink.

The protests have spilled onto the streets of some of China's biggest cities as protesters call for an end to lockdowns and greater political freedoms.

Here is a timeline of the protests related to COVID 19 since the beginning of the year.

A gruelling lock down in Shanghai in late March brought out the first visible glimmers of widespread dissent against COVID 19 restrictions.

The measures caused sporadic protests and food shortages, which are almost unheard of in China's richest metropolis.

In April a six-minute video montage of audio clips of despairing residents went viral in China before being censored.

Social media users have posted the video in multiple formats to evade censorship, the biggest wave of online protests since Wuhan COVID 19 whistleblower and doctor Li Wenliang died in February 2020.

In May, hundreds of students at a Peking University campus protested against strict lockdown measures that allowed more freedom of movement for staff than students.

The rare protest was later defused after officials agreed to relax some restrictions.

Campuses across China have been locked down for almost the entire pandemic, barring visitors and preventing students from returning home easily.