Feri stopped taking orders for new Purosangue SUV

Feri stopped taking orders for new Purosangue SUV

MILAN Reuters - Ferrari has temporarily stopped taking orders for its Purosangue SUV because high demand has sent waiting lists for some customers to around two years, Chief Marketing and Commercial Officer Enrica Galliera told the drive.com. In September, Ferrari unveiled a petrol-powered 12 cylinder Purosangue, which the Italian sports car maker prefers to describe as a four-door, four seater. It pledged to keep the model's sales below 20% of total group shipments over the life-cycle to retain a degree of exclusivity.

It is no secret that we stopped taking orders. Galliera said that they had interest without delivering a single car, and Galliera was quoted as saying by the Australian website.

He added that we made a decision that we thought was consistent with the positioning of Ferrari and the model.

Ferrari didn't provide further details when asked for a comment.

Waiting lists for new Ferraris usually run around 18 months.