Sony launches wearable motion trackers for metaverse

Sony launches wearable motion trackers for metaverse

Sony Group has a set of wearable motion trackers designed to bring users into the metaverse on their phones.

The Mocopi system consists of six pucks that are worn around user's wrists, ankles, head and hips, used to animate avatars inside various metaverse apps on Android phones or Apple iPhones. The Mocopi kit adds to the company's ventures into virtual and augmented reality, and was priced at 49,500 $360 and launching in Japan in January.

At a demonstration event Wednesday, Takeshi Aimi, senior manager of Sony's motion business group, said they labeled this product a metaverse product instead of a VR peripheral because they believe that the virtual world will blend with the real world. We didn't want to restrict the use of the product to just VR users, because people will access the metaverse without head-mounted displays in the future. It could be related to a conflict with your ad blocking or security software. You can add jp and to your list of allowed sites. If this does not resolve the issue or you are unable to add the domains to your allowlist, please see this FAQ. We humbly apologize for the inconvenience.