Ex-Yu Rock Center opens in Sarajevo

Ex-Yu Rock Center opens in Sarajevo

The opening of the Ex-Yu Rock Center was held today in the Sarajevo Youth Center in Skenderija, at the premises of the former Cactus club. On this occasion, around 200 original artifacts have been exhibited.

The theme of the first exhibition, named after the song Okira me majke mi! Sarajevo Rock Scene 1980 -- 1992 - Igor Mi i from the Ex-Yu Rock Center team said they have been working on the preparation of the exhibition for more than a year due to the Zabranjeno pu enje band, which symbolically opened the Center.

The creator of the project is Will Richard, an American who has lived in Bosnia and Herzegovina for 12 years.

He stated that the Yugoslav rock scene was one of the best in the world, right after the American and British ones.

Richard said in the last two years they have collected a lot of exhibits.

Maybe in a year, the plan is to open a large museum of Yugoslavia. Let s have three, or four big exhibitions before that. Richard said the first topic is the Sarajevo scene from 1980 -- 1992.

Aurelie Valtat, head of the Section for European Integration, Political and Economic Affairs at the EU Delegation in BiH, said she was pleased to have the chance to be in the place where many legendary musicians and rock bands started their careers.

Chantal Felder, the Deputy Director for Cooperation at the Embassy of Switzerland in Bosnia and Herzegovina, said through its engagement that her country wants to promote prosperity and stability, in such a way that all citizens can express their full potential, including support for local entrepreneurs, economic development and urban planning.

She said that it also includes support for cultural initiatives because they believe that they are crucial for people to be able to express themselves and to have fulfilled lives.

Ex-Yu Rock Center has been supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, the Embassy of Switzerland, the European Union, the Ministry of Culture and Sports of Sarajevo Canton, the Embassy of France, the UNESCO and the Centar Sarajevo Municipality, according to the Fena news agency.