Boston Hemp Inc. launches new Hemp strain THCa

Boston Hemp Inc. launches new Hemp strain THCa

Boston Hemp Inc. launched THCa, a new hemp strain. THCa is reported to have the same effects as smoking cannabis. In many states, cannabis is not legal, and THCa is not. Because hemp is grown, it falls under federal law.

THCa flower is a form of cannabis that falls under the Federal Farm Bill of 2018 signed into law by President Donald J. Trump. In the plant test, hemp is legal as long as THC 9 levels are below 3%. In order for psychoactive effects to take place, the THCa flower must be smoked, producing a high quintessentially the same as traditional marijuana.

These particular flowers are high in THCa tetrahydrocannabinolic acid and extremely low in concentration of traditional THC d 9 below 0.3% registering the bud farm bill compliant. Once THCa is smoked, it is recognized by the body as a traditional THC with a similar psychoactive effect indistinguishable from marijuana.

THCa is a genetically and naturally produced chemical that is not a synthetic alternative like Delta 8.

All our THCa flower is grown indoors with organic supplementation to give our customers a premier alternative to traditional marijuana, according to Brandon Gadles, CEO and founder of Boston Hemp Inc.

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