Singapore’s film director praises his mise-en-scene storytelling

Singapore’s film director praises his mise-en-scene storytelling

Using a mise-en-scene storytelling format, Tan and his small crew have beautifully made a vignette of life, presented from the perspective of one of the most under-appreciated departments of filmmaking. The jury said that the existence of a film like this is crucial in the festival environment.

A year ago, 24 debuted at the Busan Film Festival and was shown at the 32nd Singapore International Film Festival, with tickets selling out within a few minutes.

Tan, 46, made his feature film debut in 2003 with 15, a black dramedy about teen gangsters in suburban Singapore. His shorts and features have attracted more than 80 awards from film festivals around the world.

Tan said he was extremely happy and grateful for the three years it took to put 24 together.

I'm not good at words, but I just know how to make films. So I'm not good with all of the amazing talents I've worked with through the 20 years of my career. This is a way of saying thank you.