First drones produced in Bosnia and Herzegovina

First drones produced in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The brains and hands of the employees of the Center for Advanced Technologies Sarajevo have developed the first drones produced in Bosnia and Herzegovina BiH. They want to hand over the prototypes to public institutions, and they hope for mass production based on domestic ingenuity. How do commercial drones differ from commercial drones?

Helping firefighters in monitoring fire, raising fire alert or carrying tanks is just a part of what the first drone produced in BiH can do.

They are made for very specific needs, in this case, Civil Protection's needs.

Achievements of BiH intelligence are already being presented in schools, which is the goal of the Center for Advanced Technologies Sarajevo.

Young people should be directed towards research and development. The development has been going on for 4 years in the rented premises of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Sarajevo.

The director of the Center stated that BiH drones don't come with factory restrictions unlike commercial, mostly Chinese-made ones.

They use the highest quality components to create software for their prototypes.

As for the production itself, the development, the design, everything is BiH's brain, so to speak. The Center for Advanced Technologies in Sarajevo has a net price of around 10.000 BAM with material and everything else, according to Ensar Mulaosmanovic, director of the Center for Advanced Technologies.

He said that they had no intention of selling it yet, since they are an institution and do not have the possibility of selling, but they are more of a support.

Semir, one of the employees, said that the structure, engine, capacity, and additional parts depend on the function of the drone.

After purchasing the parts, they need seven to ten days to complete a functional prototype, and the help of external collaborators, professors of various branches of applied sciences, according to Radio Slobodna Evropa.