Russian Audit Chamber chief Kudrin to join Yandex

Russian Audit Chamber chief Kudrin to join Yandex

MOSCOW Reuters - Alexei Kudrin, who resigned as head of Russia's Audit Chamber last week, said on Monday he had accepted an offer from technology giant Yandex to become an adviser on corporate development.

Yandex announced last month it would review its governance overhaul that would leave its major business units in Russia under new ownership. Sources told Reuters that Kudrin had been talking about the move to Yandex with President Vladimir Putin.

I will develop the corporate structure of the new holding company to ensure the company's long-term and sustainable development in all markets, including international ones, along with the management team, according to Kudrin's Telegram channel.

One of the main tasks is to preserve Yandex's unique management and technological culture, so that it remains Russia's best IT company, where the most talented people work, according to Kudrin.

It was confirmed by Yandex that Kudrin was joining the company.

Kudrin, a long-time public service veteran, was finance minister for more than a decade between 2000 and 2011 and maintained close ties with Putin, but he kept a relatively low profile in his current role as head of the Audit Chamber, Russia's public spending watchdog.