Mostar honors victims of femicide with a jump without applause

Mostar honors victims of femicide with a jump without applause

In Mostar, all women victims of femicide were honored with a jump without applause from the Old Bridge, which was symbolically performed by Semir Miro Kazazic at 11: 55 a.m. yesterday.

The members of the Citizens Initiative of Mostar wanted to draw the attention of the whole public to the problem of femicide in a special way, within the framework of the 16 days of activism campaign.

A total of 60 victims of femicide have been recorded, of which 11 this year, according to Ifeta Cesir Skoro, director of the Initiative.

The information we have is from the media. She pointed out that the law does not recognize femicide in our country, so we want to draw the attention of decision makers to preventive and repressive measures.

It is interesting that the event was preceded by the commemoration of the great women's protest in Mostar in 1941, organized by the Association of Anti-Fascists and Veterans of the National Liberation War SABNOR It is an event from December 3, 1941 when several hundred women of Mostar protested for hours due to the poor supply of the city, which caused numerous illnesses and hunger. They wrote a letter of protest with a request that this situation must be changed immediately and delivered the letter to the City Administration.

They walked around the city.

After that, they went to the Tepa City Market, where there were only turnips. As stated by Sead Djulic, president of SABNOR Bosnia and Herzegovina BiH, they walked around the city for five to six hours, and then on Tepa they ransacked all the stalls with turnips and threw them into the Neretva, after which police intervened.

We are not here to remember the heroines of Mostar who 81 years ago had the courage to raise their voice and express rebellion in the occupied city, but to, perhaps in some way, awaken a wider reaction. He stated that today are better times because we have more reasons to raise our voices.

Things haven't changed much since then in the attitude towards women. Since Hana Hrvic, about whom the public knows little about, the protest from 1941 is just a continuation of female courage in Mostar. The women of Mostar deserve a monument, perhaps with the title Heroines of Mostar Djulic added.