S.africa's governing party stands by President Ramaphosa

S.africa's governing party stands by President Ramaphosa

JOHANNESBURG - South Africa's governing party, the African National Congress, is standing by its president Cyril Ramaphosa and opposing calls that he kept a large amount of cash in a sofa at his game farm and didn't report a crime when it was stolen.

The decision was made by the executive committee of the A.N. On Monday, C. was announced after an all-day meeting - killing a report that had been prepared by a three-member panel that recommended that impeachment hearings go ahead.

Ramaphosa filed a legal challenge in the nation's highest court on Monday challenging the report issued by two retired judges and a lawyer who said he might have violated the Constitution.

The Senate is scheduled to convene on Tuesday to vote on whether or not to adopt the report and hold impeachment hearings. The majority of the seats in Parliament are held by C. members. They are not required to do what their executive committee says, but analysts say it is highly unlikely that they will break ranks in what is expected to be a public vote.