Herschel Walker’s election results show GOP misinformation

Herschel Walker’s election results show GOP misinformation

An article on Tuesday about the final day of the race between Senator Raphael Warnock and Herschel Walker in Georgia s Senate runoff misspelled the name of a city in the Atlanta metro area. An article on Saturday was about the Republican Party's efforts to minimize Senator Raphael Warnock's accomplishments, referring incorrectly to the tax incentive on electric vehicles made in North America. The tax credit is worth up to $4,000, not $7,500. The article misidentified the location of the Kia plant in Georgia. It is located in West Point, Ga., not High Point, Ga.

An article on Saturday about Herschel Walker's reliance on Republicans from Georgia or nearby states for support on the campaign trail misidentified the state Tom Cotton represents in the Senate. Cotton is a senator from Arkansas, not Oklahoma.

Sanjay Reddy's comments about cost-saving measures at the New School in New York contradicted an article on Tuesday about the third week of strikes by part-time faculty demanding better pay and working conditions. Reddy said that the university gave part-time faculty less work, not more.