This gaming startup is making investments in this recession

This gaming startup is making investments in this recession

During the recessions, the focus tends to be on the worst performers - the biggest names now in the news are Bitcoin and FTX, as their respective prices crash or go bankrupt.

Meta Platforms Inc. and Netflix Inc. have had terrible years, and many have been happy to kick them while they are down.

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These are great cautionary tales, but more important are the sectors that thrive during a recession. In 2000, Internet-based companies and banks in 2008 both received their share of attention, but that doesn't help you make money. Consumer staples like Walmart Inc. WMT, which came out seemingly unphased on the other side of 2000 and 2008, were more important.

While Walmart and other consumer staples are still doing well during the current downturn, with Walmart teetering around all-time highs, another sector seems to be thriving: gaming.

Microsoft Corp. MSFT and Electronic Arts Inc. EA are both close to all-time highs, with Microsoft's gaming division consistently posting record quarters. Electronic Arts reported a record quarter, accounting for nearly $2 billion in revenue in its most recent earnings report. While Meta's stock has declined, its virtual reality gaming division has been one of the few areas of growth within the company.

Startup investments can be a great option for those who are leaning toward the high-risk side of investing or simply looking to diversify their portfolios. Especially during a recession, startups can be a lucrative option because they come out leaner and with less competition, allowing them to quickly take market share. Gameflip is a startup that takes advantage of the gaming and digital assets market, with more than 6 million users on its platform.

Gameflip launched an equity crowdfunding campaign. Anyone can invest in this gaming startup for a limited time.

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