New DAO group trying to buy American Constitution

New DAO group trying to buy American Constitution

After Sotheby's declared they would be auctioning an original copy of the American Constitution, a decentralized autonomous organization called ConstitutionDAO 2 is trying to buy it.

What Happened: In November 2021, ConstitutionDAO, a group of crypto enthusiasts, was able to generate $47 million in a span of seven days to buy a version of the Constitution sold at Sotheby's.

The older DAO group clarified that it was not affiliated with the new group and said it would not be attempting another crowdfunding campaign this time around.

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The goal of ConstitutionDAO 2 is to initiate a collection of civic artifacts that are fully managed by the public, as stated in a tweet.

So far, it has acquired 27.8 Ethereum ETH USD approx. Through public donations, there was $34,000 from 120 wallets.

The NFT will be used to manage artifacts governance if the new DAO wins. Users will be able to select from four different NFT levels: 0.1 ETH $122 for 'Citizen, 1 ETH $1,220 for 'Representative, 10 ETH $12,220 for 'Senator and 100 ETH $122,000 for 'Executive.

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