Bulgarian president's condition improves, says MEP

Bulgarian president's condition improves, says MEP

The Military Medical Academy in Sofia has announced that the overall condition of Hristiyan Pendikov is improving. The young man, who is Secretary of the Bulgarian cultural club Tsar Boris III, is being treated in the hospital's intensive care unit after being beaten up in Ohrid in North Macedonia.

MEP Ilhan Kyuchyuk, who is the rapporteur for North Macedonia at the European Parliament, said in an interview with the BNR that a return to Bulgaria's veto on Skopje's European integration would be a huge mistake.

The veto had no impact on goodneighbour relations. Quite the opposite! Provocations of this kind started out of the imposition of the veto itself. What happened to Hristiyan Pendikov is reprehensible and the European institutions have demonstrated that, Ilhan Kyuchyuk said, and added that the tension between the two countries was huge and unabating in many directions. Ilhan Kyuchyuk stated that we are in for a tumultuous, unproductive year in bilateral relations.