Kim Jong Un once told Mike Pompeo U.S. would make him happy

Kim Jong Un once told Mike Pompeo U.S. would make him happy

Kim Jong Un once told former U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo that he needed the U.S. military in South Korea to protect himself from the dominance of China.

What Happened: In his new memoir titled Never Give an Inch, Fighting for the America I Love, Pompeo said that Kim told him that he was not bothered by the U.S. military presence in Seoul during a conversation on his first trip to Pyongyang in March 2018.

He noted that Xi Jinping Rebuffs Zelenskyy s Dialogue Request As China Says It ll Play Constructive Role In Its Own Way Although, he noted that the dictator had raised the issue of U.S.-South Korea joint military exercises.

I insinuated that he was a little hypocritical to get up and running about them, given how his planes and rockets could lay waste to the city of Seoul, South Korea, a city of ten million people and only a few dozen kilometers from the demilitarized zone DMZ Pompeo wrote.

Pompeo said he also told Kim that Xi Jinping's government has often reiterated that the U.S. forces leaving South Korea would make Chairman Kim happy. At this time, Kim laughed and pounded on the table in sheer joy, exclaiming that the Chinese were liars, wrote Pompeo.

He said that he needed the Americans in South Korea to protect him from the C.C. Pompeo said that P. needs the Americans out so they can treat the peninsula like Tibet and Xinjiang.

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