Adachi Museum of Art ranks among Japan's top 50 gardens

Adachi Museum of Art ranks among Japan's top 50 gardens

The Dry Landscape Garden at the Adachi Museum of Art in Yasugi, Shimane Prefecture, in the summer Provided by the Adachi Museum of Art YASUGI, Shimane Prefecture. The sprawling gardens at the Adachi Museum of Art here are simply the best.

The rankings are determined by gardening experts and cover 1,000 Japanese gardens across the country. The magazine features the top 50 gardens every year.

Although the museum's gardens were designed by a famous gardener, museum founder and local businessman Zenko Adachi added arrangements of his own to complete the landscape.

The picturesque gardens have approximately 170,000 square meters and consist of six areas, including the Dry Landscape Garden, the Moss Garden and the White Gravel and Pine Garden.

The gardens have many varieties of trees and flowers, including red and black pines, satsuki and tsutsuji azaleas and maples.

The grounds are maintained year-round by the gardeners and staff.

He said that the way to promote the charms of the Adachi museum, which has both the vivid presence of nature and aesthetic elegance, is a great opportunity to make known the wonders of Japanese culture.

The Katsura Imperial Villa in Kyoto ranked second in the list.

Four other gardens in Shimane Prefecture also ranked among the top 50, including Minamikan ryokan in Matsue fourth the Yushien garden in the prefectural capital 20th Kokokuji temple in Izumo 28th and the Yunosuke s Hotel Chorakuen in Matsue 29th.