LEEEF LEEF partners with Buddies to expand presence in California

LEEEF LEEF partners with Buddies to expand presence in California

LEEEF LEEF has entered into an exclusive sales and licensing agreement with the Buddies BrandBuddies Brand in California.

Micah Anderson, CEO of LEEF Brands, said that the company remains highly focused and disciplined in the next phase of our growth and are excited to be combining with Buddies, one of the top selling brands in California. In order to increase our ability to attract the leading brands like Buddies, we have recently focused on bolstering our sales team with strong leadership and high performing sales personnel. The partnership with Buddies will allow for increased efficiencies within both organizations by pairing LEEF's significant sales engine with the Buddies brand. The Buddies product line offers a wide variety of products that are complementary to those already in the LEEF portfolio. We will be able to increase revenue per door by adding strategic brands like Buddies to our portfolio because of the investment we have already made in our sales and leadership teams. The strategy also brings simplicity to the buying experience of brands under the LEEF umbrella, where retailers will be able to round out their store offering by working with one of our strategic sales representatives, said Anderson.

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