Bulgarian parties prepare for early elections

Bulgarian parties prepare for early elections

Bulgarian parties represented in parliament are already preparing for participation in the upcoming early elections for the 49th National Assembly on April 2 and show optimism for their future results.

We will focus on the local dimensions of the problems and opportunities. The GERB deputy chairman said that we will be looking for a political formula that will lead to the formation of a ruling majority in the parliament Tomislav Donchev. The party's priority will be judicial reform.

The co-chairman of We Continue the Change, Assen Vassilev, is negotiating a partnership with Democratic Bulgaria on the condition that it is sealed with a written agreement. "We are actively working with DB, but also with all other civic organizations and parties with which we have a common vision for Bulgaria," Vassilev said.

Pre-election and post-election configurations will give the Bulgarian citizens a clear choice to vote for a democratic and reformist government, Hristo Ivanov, according to DB.

The Vazrazhdane party with the leader Kostadin Kostadinov is ambitious to turn from fourth to first political power in parliament.

Rumen Gechev, of BSP, said that they support the completion of the Belene NPP project and the expansion of the Kozloduy NPP.

The Bulgarian Rise will have a council meeting to decide the format in which it will participate in the upcoming elections, according to Stefan Yanev, party leader.

The Movement for Rights and Freedoms has remained silent.