Millions of Microsoft users affected by network outage

Millions of Microsoft users affected by network outage

Millions of Microsoft users around the world were affected by an outage on Wednesday because of a network outage that took down its cloud platform Azure, along with services such as Teams and Outlook.

After a networking outage, the tech giant said it had recovered all of its cloud services. Services were impacted in the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa, according to Azure's status page. Only services in China and its platform for governments were hit.

Microsoft rolled back a network change that it believes is responsible for the disruption that left users unable to access multiple Microsoft 365 services earlier Wednesday.

Microsoft said this morning that a network connectivity issue was occuring with devices across the Microsoft WAN. The connectivity between clients on the internet to Azure, as well as connectivity between services in data centers, is affected by this, the company said.

Microsoft said in a tweet that it had rolled back a network change that it believed was causing the issue and was using additional infrastructure to speed up the recovery process. It started around 2: 05 EST when Microsoft said customers may have issues with networking connectivity, such as network latency and timeouts when trying to connect to Azure resources in multiple regions, as well as other Microsoft services. On Wednesday Downdetector, a service that monitors website and app outages, saw an increase in users reporting issues with Microsoft products, including Outlook, Teams, and the company's cloud product Azure, about an hour later.

Microsoft then added in the early hours of Wednesday that they have identified a potential networking issue and are reviewing telemetry to determine the next troubleshooting steps.