Luxury spa and lake on a British estate

Luxury spa and lake on a British estate

The property, known as Thorn Farm, is situated in Kent, the English county of Garden of England, with grounds that live up to the area's reputation, has a lake, a lake, a reservoir, a tennis court, terraces and water features, including a waterfall, according to the listing with estate agency Fine Country, which brought the home to the market earlier this month.

The five-bedroom house built about a decade ago has all the hallmarks of a small country estate but one steeped in the modern world rather than in history, according to the listing.

A Palladian-style porch, an entry hall with a vast atrium and double-height windows leads to amenities such as an elegant dining room, a formal dining room, a study and a bespoke kitchen and breakfast room.

The Thorn Farm office is quite exceptional, said Ross Anderson, director of Fine Country's Canterbury office. A great spa in the U.K. would give any luxury spa in the United Kingdom a run for its money, besides the vast living space and extensive two-bedroom detached cottage. The listing states that there is a heated swimming pool and hot tub, a plunge pool, infrared and classic saunas, a shower room, changing rooms and a gym.

When building the property, we tried to include everything of the highest quality and to provide a beautiful and relaxing home for ourselves, our family and friends, the owners, who couldn't be reached for comment, said in the listing. We love our home but we are about to embark on a new chapter in our lives and we look forward to new owners being able to take advantage of everything we have done to create the ultimate in a modern country estate. It is not clear how much they paid for the home or when they acquired it.