Twitter to review account suspensions

Twitter to review account suspensions

On Friday, users of Reuters will be able to appeal account suspensions and be evaluated under the social media platform's new criteria for reinstatement, starting February 1, the company said.

Under the new criteria, which follows Elon Musk'sMusk's purchase of the company in October, Twitter accounts will only be suspended for repeat violations of the platform's policies.

Severe policy violations include engaging in illegal content or activity, inciting or threatening violence or harm, and engaging in targeted harassment of other users, among others.

In comparison to account suspension, Twitter will take less severe action, such as limiting the reach of tweets that violate its policies or asking users to remove tweets before continuing to use the account, and it will take less severe action, in comparison to account suspension.

In December, Musk came under fire for suspending the accounts of several journalists over a controversy over publishing public data about the billionaire's plane. He later reinstated the accounts.