Yellowstone’s Western wear going to take over the world

 Yellowstone’s Western wear going to take over the world

Retail exec says that the Yellowstone: Western wear is going to take over the world.

The popularity of the Yellowstone television drama Yellowstone has made western wear more popular across the U.S. Like cowboy hats and boots.

According to one executive, that trend will last for at least the next few years.

The Western wear is going to take over the world, J Rogers Kniffen World Wide Enterprises CEO Jan Rogers Kniffen told Yahoo Finance Live in a video above. Why is it going to take over the world? The prequel to 'Yellowstone and '1883 came out with essentially the same story, and '1923, which is another prequel to 'Yellowstone. Yellowstone's popularity went up this fall as the PARA show launched its fifth season. Yellowstone's season 5 premiere finished fourth on the network television viewership for the week of Nov. 7 -- 13, only trailing NFL football. An increasing number of people are looking to emulate the style of the show's featured family - the Duttons - and their cowboy ranch because of the craze around the show.

Everyone wants to be Beth Dutton, according to Kniffen, one of the show's main characters. Everyone wants to meet Beth Dutton in a bar. Everyone wants John Dutton to be their dad. That's going to cause Western wear to be great. The show has not only led to a tourism boom in Montana, but it has also resulted in a rise in wealthy individuals seeking to own land in the state. It could help boost some public companies over the next several quarters, according to Kniffen.

He said that retailers like Boot Barn BOOT Levi Stauss LEVI Wrangler KTB and even Tractor Supply TSCO, which sells Carhartt clothing, all stand to benefit from the Western wear trend, especially because people who don't usually wear the style are trying it out.

Kniffen said that people like me, who have always worn it, are wearing more of it. And even fashion videos and things are featuring Western wear. It's not just Western looks, it's also outdoor looks. We're seeing that take over. If you haven't been invited to a denim and diamonds party, you will be. You'll have to wear boots and a western look.