Ukraine denies plan to send 24 jets

Ukraine denies plan to send 24 jets

Ukraine's air force denied a newspaper report on Saturday, saying it intended to get 24 fighter jets from allies, and that talks about potential deliveries were still ongoing, a domestic media outlet said.

Air force spokesperson Yuri Ihnat said Ukraine wanted two squadrons of 12 planes each, preferably Boeing F-16 jets, according to Spain's El Pais newspaper.

Ihnat said in a statement provided to Ukraine's Babel outlet on Saturday that his comments to a media briefing on Friday had been misinterpreted.

The Ukraine is only at the stage of negotiations regarding aircraft. He said that aircraft models and their number are currently being determined.

Ihnat told the Friday briefing that F-16 s might be the best option for a multi-role fighter to replace the country's current fleet of Soviet-era warplanes.

He told Ukrainian national television that the allied nations did not like public speculation about jets, Interfax Ukraine news agency said later in the day.

There were no statements. These things have a negative impact. The agency cited him as saying that the information is very sensitive and partners do not like it when wishful thinking is presented.

On Thursday, Deputy White House national security adviser Jon Finer said the United States would be discussing the idea of supplying jets very carefully with Kyiv and its allies.

Germany has ruled out sending jets to Ukraine this week, according to Germany's defence minister.