Anthony Scaramucci injects money into ex-TFX boss's new project

Anthony Scaramucci injects money into ex-TFX boss's new project

Brett Harrison, the man helming FTX.US before its disastrous collapse last November, has found a new investor for his upcoming company, a software business focused on algorithmic trades in cryptocurrencies for public and private markets.

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The former White House Director of Communications Anthony Scaramucci is injecting an indeterminate amount of cash into Harrison's new project.

Harrison's previous association with FTX has resulted in problems raising capital. He explained how he was repeatedly told on Twitter that his prior link to Sam Bankman-Fried, the now disgraced criptocurrency mogul and former CEO of FTX, was cited by many as a reason not to invest in his project: We know you weren't involved in what Sam and others did, but we can't take the PR risk of associating ourselves with FTX, no matter how compelling your idea is, according to a tweet.

Harrison claimed on Twitter that he had no knowledge of a criminal scheme at FTX during his 17 month tenure, nor was he seeking a plea deal. He said that I haven't been accused of wrongdoing and am not a target in any investigation.

The financier has been a vocal proponent of the cripto-coin industry, as he brought Scaramucci on board for his project. Scaramucci said last year that despite the chunkiness of the networks,cryptocurrencies were nearly impossible to extinguish in the U.S.

In the next five years, imagine where virtually everyone in the Western world will have a wallet on their phone, and they'll be able to transact with every restaurant in the world, he said.