Water inspectors inspect ArcelorMittal Steelworks

Water inspectors inspect ArcelorMittal Steelworks

After successful repair of canal damage and pre-treatment of wastewater, the FBiH Water Inspectorate inspected ArcelorMittal in Zenica. The inspection began on January 31 after a report by activists for the protection of the Bosna River about an incident of the pollution of the river caused by the spilling of wastewater from the ArcelorMittal SteelworksArcelorMittal Steelworks, said the FBiH Administration for Inspection AffairsFBiH Administration for Inspection Affairs.

A comprehensive report on the actions and findings of the FBiH inspector, with accompanying documentation, will be submitted to the competent prosecutor's office for further action, in accordance with the provisions of the FBiH Criminal Procedure Code.

Production at the steelworks was temporarily suspended after the incident, and the subject of the monitoring began to rehabilitate the canal, and production was restarted.

There were no fish deaths during controls of the Bosna River downstream of the incident, it was stated in the statement of the inspection administration.

On January 31, environmental activists and citizens of Zenica reported that something strange was happening with the Bosna River in this city because it had turned red in a part of its course near the ArcelorMittal steelworks complex.