Hundreds of Infosys freshers fired after failing FA test

Hundreds of Infosys freshers fired after failing FA test

India's IT giant Infosys has sacked hundreds of fresher employees after failing to clear the internal fresher assessment FA test, Business Today learned.

A fresher who was on board at the company in August 2022, told Business Today that I started working at Infosys in August last year and was given training for the SAP ABAP stream. Out of 150 people in my team, only 60 people passed the FA exam. All of us were terminated two weeks ago. Nearly 85 freshers who were on board in July 2022 were terminated out of 150 because of failing to meet the test. 600 employees have been terminated after failing the internal test, according to sources. 208 freshers were fired two weeks ago after failing the FA test. Around 600 freshers have been fired after failing to meet the FA test in the past few months. Business Today reached out to Infosys to get a confirmation on the number of employees that have been terminated, but the company didn't disclose that.

The internal test did not result in the termination of freshers who joined before July 2022, according to the fired employees. A company representative claims that failing the internal test has resulted in sackings.

This development comes on the back of hundreds of freshers who have been waiting for onboarding at the company for over 8 months after receiving an offer letter.

I have a gap in my resume because of all the waiting and no income from the past several months. Infosys hasn't given any clarity on the timeline of onboarding. It is always true that some of my friends who got onboard are fired, that makes me feel scared about my prospects as it was always thought that the IT sector is a mass recruiter and there are always opportunities, but it is changing. Two weeks ago, Business Today reported that Wipro had laid off hundreds of employees after failing to meet the company's internal tests. Sources allege that 800 freshers were sacked from Wipro while the company claimed that the terminations were limited to 452 people.