Croatian Prime Minister vows to help Bosnia and Herzegovina on European path

Croatian Prime Minister vows to help Bosnia and Herzegovina on European path

The prime minister of Croatia, Andrej Plenkovi, said that the Republic of Croatia will do everything in its power to help Bosnia and Herzegovina on its European path.

After the last elections, I am very satisfied that the political parties in Bosnia and Herzegovina showed a high level of maturity, that the formation of institutions at the central level took place really quickly compared to earlier cases, Plenkovi told reporters in Mostar before the start of the Croatian National Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

He congratulated the Chairperson of the BiH Council of Ministers Borjana Kri on her appointment, saying he was looking forward to her visit to Zagreb in mid-February when a whole series of joint activities will be agreed on between Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Republic of Croatia.

I say this as the prime minister of the Republic of Croatia, whose government respects BiH, wants to improve relations with BiH, respects the three constituent nations and all other citizens living in BiH, and we are interested in its stability, economic growth and social security Plenkovi said.

The Croatian Prime Minister said that the Republic of Croatia did everything to ensure Bosnia and Herzegovina received the status of a candidate for membership in the European Union in the past.

In a somewhat advanced stage of the accession negotiations, the Government of Croatia will continue to support the Croatian people in Bosnia and Herzegovina, so that Bosnia and Herzegovina can catch up with other countries in the southeast of Europe, as soon as possible, said Plenkovi He added.

In this declaration, which will be adopted by the HNS BiH, it is said that Bosnia and Herzegovina is the homeland of the Croatian people in BiH, which is in line with what all political parties and the Croatian government are saying. That is why we want to use that premise to build support for the Croatian people when it comes to identity, rights, representation. The Croatian Prime Minister said that he welcomes these steps, which the high representative did, where a more comfortable position was secured when it comes to the House of Peoples of the FBiH.

He invited the representatives of Bosnia and Herzegovina s political parties to form the FBiH government as soon as possible.