OSA chief expects to replace Mehmedagi soon

OSA chief expects to replace Mehmedagi soon

The procedure in this regard is clear. It will happen quickly because the law requires it. I expect that at the next session, we will remove director Mehmedagi and appoint a new director and his deputy, said Konakovi on February 2.

He said that the policies of the new coalition formed after the parliamentary elections held in October can not be implemented by people they do not trust.

Who will succeed Mehmedagi is a matter of speculation but it is known that the leadership of OSA should go to the parties gathered around the Social Democratic Party SDP Our Party and NiP. The names are Almir Duvo, the former director of OSA and Erduan Kafedi, the current head of the Anti-Corruption and Quality Control Office of Sarajevo Canton. The SNSD should propose a candidate for the deputy director of OSA, and the most frequently mentioned name is Risto Zari.