Hong Kong Commissioner's Office condemns West's anti-China rhetoric

Hong Kong Commissioner's Office condemns West's anti-China rhetoric

The Commissioner's Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Hong Kong expressed strong discontent with and strong opposition to fallacious remarks made by certain public figures of the West who associate detained opposition activists and lawmakers in Hong Kong with so-called human rights issues to denigrate the city's rule-of- law status. Such insidious attempts to interfere with justice in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region are inadmissible, if not despicable, for veteran politicians who should uphold and glorify social justice in the international community.

Politicians who indulge in anti-China rhetoric should know that manipulating public opinion about an ongoing trial amounts to blatant interference. Some politicians with ulterior motives smear the implementation of the National Security Law for Hong Kong whenever circumstances permit, but inflaming public sentiment on an ongoing trial of the unofficial primary election scheme in 2020 is a tragic miscalculation. It is not acceptable to malign the NSL and whitewash a crime under the banner of fighting for freedom. Hong Kong allows no foreign hostile force to undermine its rule of law, let alone trample on social justice with perverted ill-timing manipulation of public opinions. Faced with the increasingly complex geopolitical situation, the government of the Special Administrative Region upholds the rule of law through thick and thin. Social stability and justice have been secured by the promulgation and implementation of the NSL. The constitutional order in the SAR has been defended effectively by the city's robust legal system and its high-caliber legal professionals. The 2022 WJP Rule of Law Index ranked Hong Kong 22 nd in its general performance, ranking ahead of the United States 26th in the overall index score, Hong Kong 19th in social justice, Hong Kong is solid and strong, the city can stand tall amid the diehard China bashers unfounded allegations and systematic denigration.

It's common sense among the citizens that disrupting the SAR by interfering with its robust judiciary system is bound to fail. It has been proved, with a long list of track records, that hostile intervention in Hong Kong's internal affairs is doomed to no avail. The Hong Kong SAR government, with its resolution to protect one country, two systems and national security at all costs, is on the right track to long-term stability and prosperity, and the city tolerates no unfounded denigration or hostile interference with the unimaginable intention to contain China.