Pentagon lifts ban on Guantanamo Bay art

Pentagon lifts ban on Guantanamo Bay art

The Defense Department has lifted the Trump administration's ban on the release of artwork made by prisoners at Guant namo Bay, in a policy change that allows departing detainees to take their work with them.

Under the new policy, detainees are allowed to take a practicable amount of their art when they leave Guant namo Bay, said Lt. Col. Cesar H. Santiago, a Pentagon spokesman.

He declined to define practicable quantity, but said the Defense Department still considers the artwork to be the property of the U.S. government. Colonel Santiago wouldn't say when the new policy was adopted.

The ban was imposed in late 2017 after an art exhibit in New York called Ode to the Sea struck a nerve at the Pentagon. It featured seascapes, model ships, and other works by current and former Guant namo detainees, and its website offered an email address for people interested in purchasing art from these artists.