South American bids for 2030 World Cup

South American bids for 2030 World Cup

The president of Conmebol Alejandro Dominguez speaks during a press conference to launch the joint candidacy of Uruguay, Argentina, Chile and Paraguay to organize the 2030 World Cup at AFA's headquarters in Buenos Aires on February 7, 2023. PHOTO AFP Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, and the United States have submitted a joint bid to host the 2030 World Cup on Tuesday, calling for the tournament to return where football was born 100 years after the first World Cup was held in Montevideo.

During a ceremony at the Argentine Football Association AFA officials from the four countries were joined by Alejandro Dominguez, president of the South American Football Confederation CONMEBOL, who said that he hopes FIFA can show a gesture of greatness towards the region and allow it to organize the tournament.

The 2030 World Cup is not just another World Cup, it deserves a celebration with recognition for 100 years, Dominguez said.

We are convinced that FIFA has an obligation to honor the memory of those who came before us and believe in greatness and made the first World Cup. AFA president Claudio Tapia said: "As world champions we carry out this launch, which is the dream of all South Americans." Not only on the centenary of the first edition, but because of the passion with which we live football. The South American bid will compete with Spain-Portugal, who have signed a joint bid agreement, plus possible 2030 bids from Morocco and Saudi Arabia.