Mahua Moitra says BJP’s backlash against her ‘ patriarchy’

Mahua Moitra says BJP’s backlash against her ‘ patriarchy’

A day after her use of an offensive word in Parliament led to a ruckus, BJP MP Mahua Moitra said on Wednesday that BJP's backlash against her reeks of patriarchy. Moitra was speaking even as BJP MP Hema Malini said Opposition members should control their tongue. BJP is saying how can I be a woman to be able to give it back as good as it gets? There's patriarchy, Mahua Moitra said on the controversy surrounding her language in the Lok Sabha.

I don't know what language I'm supposed to use. I am surprised that BJP is teaching us parliamentary etiquette. I'm calling an apple an apple, not an orange. Mitra was speaking to mediapersons outside Parliament today.

Moitra said if the ruling BJP takes her to the privileges committee, she will welcome it and will put her side of the story. If you saw my speech, you saw the kind of heckling that gentleman. I would not call him a gentleman. An honorable representative from Delhi did the entire time. I was not allowed to speak. He constantly heckled me. I asked for protection from the chairperson five times. The chairperson was unable to give me protection. Moitra said whatever I said was not on the record.

They should control their tongue and not get over-excited and emotional. Every member of Parliament is a respectable person, BJP MP Hema Malini said on Moitra's use of offensive language in the Lok Sabha.

Everyone is asking who is behind Mahua. Every day, the fake news brigade floats new theories. Is it China or Ambani? Mahua is not behind you. She asserted that Mahua is behind the truth. BJP leaders caused a lot of uproar in the House over her remark and sought an apology from her.